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Over the past several years, as a club booker or through Open Concept Productions I've had the chance to work with hundreds of talented musicians. To name slightly more than a few:

Trucks Leaving
Theresa’s Sound-World
The Friendless Youngsters
Uncle Seth
Half Full
The Pickups
The Pocket Company Band
The Vanity Press
James Secord
Chaos For Comfort
Anneke’s Star
The Middle Eight
Canary Mine
The Brooks Sisters
Matt Osborne
Dayna Manning
Ember Swift
Evalyn Parry
Shawn Hewitt
Katherine Wheatley
Andrea Florian
Kat Goldman
Aaron Wrixon
Lesley Pike
Nikki Talley
Mia Dyson
Alicia Glenn
Angie Nussey
Graydon James
Sue Passmore
Jeff Straker

Nathan Caswell
Noah Zacharin
Rhonda Stakich
Rich Lowenberg
Ronley Teper
Sarah McCully
Shelley O’Brien
Signe Miranda
Trevor Mills
Vanessa John
Amy Craze
Amy Campbell
Dave Mansell
Amanda Bentley
Mark Weinstock
Jacquie Barnaby
Marianne Baker
Michelle Rasky
Emma Lee
Larra Skye
Matt Sauls
Matt Wolfe
Jeff Kahl
Myke Mazzei
Aynsley Saxe
Harmony Trowbridge
Tamara Williamson
The Classic Brown
Chisai Jackson
John Whitaker
Sandi Hammond
Gina Lin
Hunter Eves
Heather Dale

Jeff Stone
Karyn Ellis
Kelly Burrows
Kevin Stock
Kim Jarrett
Laura Fernandez
Lori Cullen
Mike Closson
Rachel Gaudry
Grant Tilly
Colleen Power
Valery Gore
Alexandra Slate
David Myles
Jill Zmud
James Kasper
Cat Ratusny
James Kasper
Charlotte Johansen
Cheryl Beatty
Cooper Thomson
Motel Darlene
Jacob Moon
Jerry Leger
Kevin Yee
Layah Jane
Sarah Siddiqui
The Unseen Guest
Alex Cheung
Annabelle Chvostek
Jason Lapidus
Todd Harrison
Tom Glenne

Other Notable Performers:

Josh Wynn, A Girl Named Sue, Louise Simpson, Ken Cade, Tom Glenne, Josh Holden, Fulvio Boletta (Fulview), Broken Arrow, the M&Ms, Jill Binder, Sandra Alland, Floxy, Jamie Tanner, TrickyD, Russell Leon, Jason Vanstone, Cosi & Rosie, Adelphia, Karen Mullhallen, Sarah Greene, Clara Blackwood, Wakefield Brewster, Amy Ferguson, Peter Holliday, Nicole Dueck, Ed Keenan, Ken Cormier, Lindi, Kirstin Gillmore, Andy Sheppard, Rae Perigoe, Leah Erbe, The Silent Five, Jeremy Parnell, Joanne Boland, Josie Vint, Matt Smith, Melissa Dalton, Nathan Weatherdon, Tyler Kyte, Danny Gorman, Peter Boyd, John Doherty, Sonia Funk, Melanie Hilmi, Leah Hunter, Lucy Rupert, Silent Five, Patrick Sabbah, Dominic von Riedemann, Sarah Ternoway, Graydon James, The One Night Stands, The Old Meltdown


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