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Get Out Of My Face

When I first met you, I thought you were pretty cool, someone that I'd like to hang around
So I introduced you to all my friends and then pretty soon, there was no doubt
You were a hit, a fit with everyone a terror on the scene
But then I started to get some subtle signs, didn't know exactly what they'd mean

Like the people that you'd known before couldn't corroborate your stories
And the details of your shady past didn't seem to be so gory
And the things you said you'd done, and the places that you'd been
Didn't meet up properly with the distances between

You had us thinking you were so credible, someone on the case...

Get out of my face, get out of my way
Stop hanging around my friends, day after day
Get out of my world, you know I don't need you around
I'll be happier when you're far away, in an another place, in another town

Well I guess up to now you've been pretty lucky, no one has found out
But eventually they all will see, of that you should have no doubt
'Cus when you build a house of cards, I will tell you what you get
Either a strong wind is gonna come along, or you're gonna get to the end of the deck

You better think about the game you're playing, about keeping up the pace...


So tell me where you gonna go when you've pissed off everyone?
And tell where you gonna hang out when your lies have got you on the run
When the bridges that you burn are the ones you need to cross
Is that when you will finally learn to calculate the cost

When the world falls down around your shoulders, and you've finally lost the race...



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