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Uncle Seth Taping Policy

Uncle Seth allows audience audio & video recording of all shows where permitted by the venue management, unless a notice to the contrary is posted prior to the performance.

Recording equipment (microphones & mic stands, audio and video recorders, etc.) is allowed at shows, but tapers may be required by the band or the venue management to restrict the use of this equipment to particular areas of the venue. Taping is ONLY allowed when it does not hinder the enjoyment of the show for other audience members, or restrict seating, or interfere with any activities of the venue. Tapers must immediately cease recording and pack-up all equipment if requested to do so by representatives of the band or the venue.

Direct sound board patches will only be provided to tapers on a case-by-case basis when pre-approved by the band and venue management. Please contact the band in advance of a performance if you are interested in patching into the board.

Recordings made by audience members may be freely traded and distributed in whole or in part as physical media (CD, cassette tape, video tape, MiniDisc, DVD, DAT, etc.) or as digital files (MP3, SHN, WinMedia, Quicktime, RealMedia, etc.) via the Internet or other networks, but SHALL NOT BE SOLD in any form without the expressed written permission of Uncle Seth. Reimbursement for the cost of physical media ONLY is allowed (i.e. a person providing a copy can charge the recipient for the cost of CD-Rs etc., but he or she cannot make a profit on the sale.)

If requested by the band, a copy of any recording made will be provided to the band within a reasonable time, with the taper being reimbursed for any physical recording media provided. Uncle Seth reserves the right to redistribute and/or make available for sale any recordings made by audience members.

Audience taping at Uncle Seth concerts is authorized for non-commercial purposes only. Unauthorized sale, duplication and/or distribution is strictly forbidden. All Uncle Seth performances and recordings remain the exclusive property of the band. All rights reserved in perpetuity throughout all Regions, Territories, Worlds, Universes, Dimensions and Planes of Existence.

To contact Uncle Seth, please send email to uncleseth [at] musicface.com.

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