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All 4 of Matt's CDs are now back in print and available. MP3s of Matt's final CD, Matthew Osborne, can now be purchased at the iTunes Store. CDs can be purchased at the following Ontario locations of The Beat Goes On:

370 Highland Rd. W.

385 Fairway Rd. S.

402 King St. N.

415 Hespeler Rd.

23 Wellington Rd. E.

875 Main St. W.

Oakville Town Center

St. Catharines
Ridley Square

Doggie Blues

Doggie Blues
Released 1993

Tracks: Doggie Blues, Grandma's-In-Asia, Lowkowmowshun, Video Blues, Environ-mental, Revelation On A Sunday Morn, Who Can Do You Right, Little Girl, Follow You, Uncle Gary

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Released 1998

Tracks: Rain, A Ten-Year-Old Boy Playing Lego in the Basement, Fisherman, William (Canadian Retail Trilogy #1), A Saint, Down, Underwater, I Wanna Run the World, Sandcastle Blues, D., Breath, Pepperoni Princess

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Man Versus Concrete

Man Versus Concrete
Released 2001

Tracks: 20 Feet, The Sensitive New Age Rejected Pathetic Man's Anthem, Channel 36, Whining Teenager's Dramatic Exit, I Wanna be the Mayor, Crashin' Down Blues, I Want a Girl with Glasses, Reduced to Clear, Down, - - - - -, Unwind

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Matthew Osborne

Matthew Osborne
Released 2004

Tracks: Lonely Bobby, 200,000, Amy Dudley, 50 30 20, Fallin' Blues, War Trilogy, My Gretzky Card, Celluloid Blues, The Jackal, The Kimberly Song, Baby's Cryin' Winnebago Blues, All The Rest

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