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The Matt Osborne Musicians Trust Fund - Criteria (draft)

A first draft of criteria for the trust fund can be found below. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Also a group of individuals has been put in place to monitor the trust fund and other events and activities related to Matt and his legacy. They are listed below. It is important to note that all activities will be discussed in an open forum and that many people will be involved in the workings of Matt's legacy outside of this list of people.

Trust Fund Criteria (first draft)


    1. Support Musicians that show potential and have a commitment to bettering themselves and others through their art.
    2. Provide opportunities for young up and coming musicians allowing them a chance to grow and develop their skills in the face of adversity as a result of insufficient funds and support
    3. Incorporate how knowledge of visual arts, literature, theatre and even the business can be used to improve their ability to make a living as an artist

Application of Funding

1) Education: through various levels of financial assistance support can be provided by giving opportunities such as:

    1. Tutoring or music lessons with a schedule outlining what's required of the student to help them qualify for continued support until the goal outlined for them is met
    2. Being allowed to experience music camps, workshops, performances that would assist in songwriting, arranging or other things that would allow them to nurture their area of interest and inspire them to work towards their goal
    3. Rental or perhaps even the purchase of instruments or other accessories allowing them to develop their abilities without being inhibited by insufficient access to the necessary equipment
    4. Placements in work environments that will help the person develop necessary skills to have the resources to continue on with their art
    5. Tutoring to help the participant understand how to build and present portfolios or press packages allowing them the opportunity to be self sufficient in finding work in their field of study (also could extend to building an online press package)
    6. Courses on how to market yourself to clubs and the press as well as what to expect when dealing with the business of music

2) Resources: musicians often struggle to get heard or find ways to get exposure and the following would help initiate opportunities to get them started:

    1. Recording their music and the cost of pressing CDs, making posters and other items that would support their work could be funded in part or in whole to help them realize these goals. Also information about the steps needed to make a CD could prove to be invaluable
    2. Photos are an essential part of a musicians resource base and through assistance from the trust fund they would be able to get the necessary prints to allow them to complete their CD, have pictures for press articles or press packages or use them for posters and other promotional materials
    3. Grant writing courses could be offered to a group of worthy candidates as an effective way to help these artists learn how to be resourceful and self-sufficient
    4. Workshops designed to prepare artists for various things such as: how to put on a show, how to network, communication skills and other plausible skills they may need

3) Knowledge of Other Arts: developing an appreciation for other mediums could be a benefit in developing music skills such as:

    1. Knowledge of Literature is a way for songwriter to gain a grasp on how to express themselves through lyrics
    2. Experience and training working with graphics either by way of computers or free hand could help assist a musician develop their own album cover, design their own poster or even put together their own web site
    3. Having some general understanding of visual arts. This could be useful whether it be having an awareness of the making of videos and the various steps involved with this process or just knowing how they would want to incorporate it into a live performance


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